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Why do I need aviation insurance?

Just like car insurance, you never really need it until you suddenly do. Aviation insurance is most commonly available for aircraft hull coverage in two main categories: risks-ground and flight, and risks-not in motion. We offer coverage for aircrafts in: pleasure & business, charter, and instruction & rental.

Pleasure & Business
Instruction + Rental

You can fly and store your helicopter with ease with Aviators Insurance. Your helicopter’s policy covers the value of the hull and protects against accidents and theft.

Commercial & Corporate Flight Departments

We provide comprehensive liability protection for commercial and corporate aviation vessels. Our aviation insurance protects the financial health of your commercial aviation fleet while also safeguarding the integrity of your business assets.

Non-owned Renters Insurance

Cover yourself, your aircraft, and even your passengers with Aviators Insurance rental aviation insurance. Our aircraft insurance also covers flight instructor liability, dual instruction, flight reviews, check reviews and personal flying.

Flying Clubs

There are a number of aero organizations that amateur pilots can be a part of, including various member-run clubs. These groups provide members with affordable access to aircrafts. At Aviators Insurance, we insure private and rented aircrafts, offering coverage for risks-ground and risks-not in motion regardless of aircraft ownership.

Maintenance Shops

At Aviators Insurance, our coverage extends beyond your aircraft. Our aviation insurance also protects your maintenance shop from liability when a non-owned aircraft is damaged while in your care, custody or control. For more information about our policies for aviation maitenance shops, contact our staff.

Aerial Applications

At Aviators Insurance, we offer coverage to aerial application flyers. These pilots spray and dispense materials from a low-flying aircraft, such as insecticides and pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Even when these flyers do not own their aircraft, they are still eligible for aviation insurance coverage.


Warbirds are military planes. Both vintage and warbird aircrafts require specialized insurance protections and at Aviators Insurance, we offer multiple options for aviation insurance of these types of vessels.

Product Liability

Products designed for your aircraft are also under comprehensive coverage with Aviators Insurance. Our policies cover grounding liability and we keep our manufacturers accountable to the products they fit into your aircraft. We also offer extensions for third party legal liability insurance for work done under contractors, employees and airport workers.

General Liability

If you or a third party are injured by your property or as a result of your actions, as a avation insurance holder, you are covered in the event of an accident. Our general liability aviation coverage is similar to our general commercial liability policy, however, it also covers instances of aviation-related exposures.

Workers Comp

We offer aviation workers’ compensation insurance at a competitive rate at Aviators Insurance. Our workers comp insurance coverage offers 24/7 Toll-Free claim intake services and a full range of medical management services.

Airport Liability

Our airport liability aviation insurance offers additional coverage over damages for bodily injury, property damage or damage that arises from the use of  airport premises for the parking and storage of aircraft. If you operate from or do business at private, municipal or commercial airports, you are exposed to these liability claims.


Our dedicated hangar insurance offers business property protection, liability protection and pollution insurance. This coverage can become important when your aircraft is in your care, during refueling or in safekeeping and under your custody.


At Aviators Insurance, we offer airport premises liability to all commercial and non-commercial aircrafts. This additional coverage includes damages for bodily injury or property damage that may arise out of the use of airport premises for the parking and storage of aircraft.

Corporate Flight

Aviators Insurance offers solutions for nearly every type of industry that uses aircraft—from agriculture to airports. Our coverage is available for even your most extravagant ventures. Consult one of our experts for advice on the type of coverage you need for your corporate aviation.

Fixed Base Operator

Any commercial-based enterprise that has been granted the right by an airport and authority to operate there in order to provide aviation services (such as fuel, parking and hangar space) is eligible for our Fixed Base Operator aviation insurance. Because FBOs are engaging in many types of services that may leave them exposed to liability across many areas, our policy extends out to any flier of the General Aviation (GA) community.


Let us take you under our wing – Our knowledge of aviation and insurance assures you’ll get the coverage you need for price you want, wherever your journey may take you.